Tony Paginton has had a persistent fascination with organic forms. His early forays into the world of free form building revolved around concrete structures that incorporated automobile components such as the crank down window and curved glass of car windshields. Unfortunately these early works proved to be labour intensive and time consuming. Concerns over developing an improved assembly method resulted in the realization that growth or the self-assembly methods of living plants offered considerable potential, particularly given current advances in genetic engineering. This sparked a series of drawings, paintings and sculptures that give a glimpse into this future world of giant habitable plants. Today, Paginton is devoting his full attention to this fascinating visionary adventure.

Roswita Busskamp, a portrait painter and his partner collaborates on many projects.



Graduate from the University of Toronto School of Architecture, B. Arch.


Study/work period in Paris, France


Member of the Ontario Association of Architects


Involved in architectural practice


Director of Metro Toronto Housing Company (Toronto's social housing agency)


Gradually drop architectural practice in favour of developing artistic ideas